Role: UIUX Designer
@ Samsung Research, Bangalore
Duration: 2 years
Team: Alive Intelligence
Project Area: AI solutions for core Samsung apps

My contribution:
As part of the team, I worked on various concepts which are currently in use in Samsung devices. These concepts are Useful Cards, Multilingual Typing, Intelligent Finder, Smart Crop and AltZ Privacy
These projects involved ground research, trend study, competitor analysis, insight generation, persona creation, concept development, UX flows and wireframes, GUI.
The projects involved working closely with Product Management and Development teams.
AltZ Privacy
Need for Privacy
Millennials and members of GenZ are increasingly dependent on their smartphones to live a life where they can pursue their passions & interests. Many people also type and live dual lives. i.e a software professional by the day and a food blogger by the night. Their smartphone enables them to indulge & make the most of their lives. However, since everything is stored and saved on the smartphone, keeping their private lives private, can seem to be a challenge at times. These are things no one should be able to access not even friends or family. Personal data such as photos, passwords, documents, chat logs, and more are conveniently stored on our smartphones. It is very common and usual for friends, siblings, colleagues or even family members, to ask for our smartphones. And when they do, it’s really hard to say no. They are looking for a solution that could keep their private life private & let them live worry free.
A solution that can let them live the AltZLife!
Quick Switch lets you switch between private and main galleries, browsers and apps with just a double click of the side key and no one would even notice it.

To manage your privacy even more smartly, there’s Content Suggestions feature powered by “On-Device” AI technology that intelligently identifies and suggests pictures, basis pre-set identifiers, that you might want to move to your private gallery. All you need to do is define people and faces that you would want to keep in your private gallery.
Useful Cards
What are Useful Cards?
The Messages app on your Samsung smartphone contains a lot of useful information in the form of SMSes. Travel itineraries, event bookings, appointments, e-commerce deliveries, discount coupons/offer codes are a few examples.
However, this useful information usually gets lost among many others. Samsung introduced a feature that will helps find useful information quickly and easily. Using on-device AI technology, your smartphone identifies important and useful messages among all messages.

These important messages are then classified as travel tickets, appointment reminders, offers, OTPs, bill payments, ecommerce deliveries, etc. Based on the category, key data such as PNR, dates, amount or discount code is extracted. Finally, a graphical card showing only the relevant data is created.
Besides showing the most relevant information, each card also provides a link to the appropriate action that you may need to take for that card.
Multilingual Typing
Smart Crop
Details of research and ideation process for the projects  cannot be displayed online as it is covered under NDA.

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