An experiential narrative game built in Oculus Quest 2
The game uses spatial audio, directing you to collectable artefacts. ending in a celebration of life and culture, a analogy for going back to your roots inspired by the song 'Enjoy Enjaami'
The song is a homage to the artist's grandmother who was a landless labourer. It speaks of the dignity of labour and the beginning of civilisation. They talk about a class of labourers who were uprooted from their native land and migrated across the the Indian Ocean. Once they returned they were left landless and without any means to earn for themselves. Their loss was both emotional and material in nature. The narrative transports the player into a journey to discover their roots

Planning the map of the Game
Gravity Sketch and 3d softwares were used for ideating, modelling and texturing elements
UI elements within the game and logo
3D elements and game characters
Code was written for interactions of VR Quest 2 handlers, controllers, collection of diamonds, spatial sound, player inventory and teleportation.
This is a student project done as a part of the AR/VR course at IDC, IIT Bombay under the guidance of Prof. Jayesh Pillai.
Team: Nidhi Chauhan, Nidhin Joseph, Vedang Pathre, Shweta Ratanpura
Song: Enjoy Enjami - Dhee ft. Arivu

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